Fav Products

If you've already finished my book Get Grounded, you know I dive into supplements in Chapter 4. As promised, here are my favorite products that I can't live without. You know I take my health VERY seriously 😄—it's my top priority!

Ambrotose: Did you know that Aloe vera boasts over 200 beneficial natural bioactive benefits? Mannatech has made supplementing with Aloe vera even better with our most powerful Ambrotose® formula to date, Ambrotose LIFE. 



Manna-C: https://us.mannatech.com/products/integrative-health/details/39101/?account=4314970


OSP: https://us.mannatech.com/products/integrative-health/details/54601/?account=4314970


Luminovation Glow Collagen Glaze: https://us.mannatech.com/products/skincare/details/11301-luminovation-glow-collagen-glaze/?account=4314970


Stress Support Gummies: Stress Support gummies are a natural stress relief aid, packed with active ingredients to help soothe stress, boosting your focus and mood.

Stress Support Gummies | Natural Stress Relief | Mannatech


Favorite Skincare Products:

This cleanser leaves my skin smooth and glowing:


Living in Denver, Colorado, the air is extremely dry here. This masks hydrates and moisturizers my skin so well:


When I need a pick-me-up on my skin:


Soothe & Sculpt:


For glowy skin:


Regenerating Cleanser

A daily cleansing & exfoliating treatment that buffs and polishes for radiant, healthy looking skin. Best for dull, uneven, or congested skin. Maximize your routine and build your double cleansing bundle, here.

Superkind Radiance Mask

A creamy, gel-like mask that’s infused with a delicate blend of Self-Neutralizing AHA’s that replenish moisture and gently exfoliate to revive dull, stressed skin and reveal a healthy-looking, radiant complexion. Best for reactive, stressed, sensitive, or dry skinThis formula is hypoallergenic, derm tested, and vegan.

Resurfacing Mask

A glow-giving treatment that instantly restores radiance to skin. Best for blocked pores, dull, or rough skin.

Soothe & Sculpt Set

Soothe and sculpt in no time. This set features our NEW Bio-Shield Face Oil and Crystal Gua Sha Spoon. Bio-Shield Face Oil features natural adaptogens, fruit-based vitamins C & E, oat ceramides, and plant-derived omega fatty acids to strengthen the skin barrier, defend reactive skin, and restore a resilient, health

Cream Blush

Our weightless, sheer blush offers your cheeks and lids with a satin, shimmering finish. This ultra-creamy formula melts onto skin for the perfect touch of flush while helping defend against environmental aggressors.