Los Angeles, New York City, Denver

My Transitions

My journey was colored by the geographic shifts that punctuated my life. From the roots of Los Angeles to the host of New York City, I’d always charged my course with specific objectives in mind. LA, was my home base and the unwavering love from my family offered a sense of belonging that was irreplaceable. The Big Apple, in contrast, promised opportunities and electric energy that fueled my career and fostered a sisterhood of empowering friendships. NYC brought excitement and ambition. But Denver? It was a different kind of challenge. It felt like starting from scratch, like stepping onto a stage with no script.

Stronger, Grounded, Fiercely Independent

The power to reshape my narrative

The culmination of this process is reflected in the woman you see today: stronger, grounded, and fiercely independent. The pages of my life’s story have been rewritten with intention and courage. Within the chaos, a spark ignited. Realizing that I had the power to reshape my narrative and I was in control of my life. No one was going to do the hard work for me. It’s funny how life works sometimes. The challenging transition to Denver? It became a platform for me to shine. Slowly but surely, I transformed.